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Aprophet Sports has been helping Canadians build the highest quality courts all across of Canada. We know how important it is to stay active and we want our customers to enjoy a great outdoor experience with friends, families and children.

When building a backyard court, it is important to be aware of all the steps involved in this process. There are multiple factors to consider when building a residential court.

For example, we need to determine how much space is needed. The dimensions for an exterior tennis court are generally around 65′ x 125′. Keep in mind that this is the total space, not just the “playing” lines.

The floor levelling is another important consideration. Ideally, it is better to build court on an area with similar levelling but this is rarely a common case scenario. Also, in order to identify any potential issues, a soil analysis will have to be performed. This is why we have built the best team of contractors in order to help you build your desired courts just about anywhere you want!


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What material to use? Determining whether to build the court using concrete or asphalt is another important component to take into account. Pricing for concrete or asphalt will be an important variable in determining the best material to use for you residential basketball or tennis court. One myth that we want to clarify is that there are no significant differences on the impact both materials will have on you feet and knees. Engineers have proven this to be false.

The need for an effective drainage system is an important consideration as well. When building the court, we need to consider factors such as water flowing off the court , water flowing towards the court from “upper” areas and water flowing from underground the court. This can have a long-term effect on the quality of your courts thus is it important to wisely spend time and money towards any draining consideration in order to secure your investment.

The orientation of the court is another key factor to ensure that you have the best experience while playing outside. To determine the best way to position your court, your geographic location will have to be incorporated into the design of your court. The time you will usually play will also have to be considered.



You must be asking yourself what is the cost the build these types of courts. It is hard to give an exact estimate as the prices will vary on above-mentionned factors and many more. For example, the location, the type of court, the size and the materials used will affect the  cost of the project. Get a free quote now! Find the closest team near you.

Once the court is built, the next considerations will revolve around the ongoing costs to maintain, renovate, repair and the lighting for your court. Actively maintaining your surfaces and equipments is essential in order to keep these fees as low as possible.

We have specialists that have been trained to provide the most optimal construction, renovation and maintenance services across the country. We will explain the entire court building process such as determining the scope of the work, pricing and the selection of contractors in order to ensure the best customer experience. After a thorough assessment of your needs, free estimates will be provided.

Our commitment to excellent customer care has helped us become one of the leaders in the industry!

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